2 September 2021

Giresun Alucra Pond Rehabilitation Project Completed

“Giresun Alucra Pond (Small Dam) Rehabilitation Project” has been completed and its Certificate of Acceptance has been signed as of 2021.

Within the scope of the work, Rehabilitation Projects (slurry ditch, deep ground mixing and grouting) have been prepared in order to ensure the safe and secure water holding capacity of Giresun Alucra Pond, which is a clay core rockfill body type.

In addition, the spillway and access road application projects have also been prepared.

3 February 2021

Elazığ Hatunköy Dam

The contract for ”Elazığ Hatunköy Dam Project” was signed with The General Directorate of State Hydraulics Works (Turkey) on 3 February 2021.

Hatunköy Dam is located within the borders of Maden District of Elazig Province. The height of the dam from the foundation is 47.50 meters. The storage volume of the dam, which is of clay core rock fill type, is 67 million cubic meters. With the Hatunköy Dam, the agricultural lands in Behramaz Plain and Uluova Plain will be irrigated through gravity pipe irrigation system.

18 November 2020

Access Roads to İzmir South-2 Integrated Solid Waste Disposal Facility 

The contract for ”Access Roads to South-2 Integrated Solid Waste Disposal Facility” was signed with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on 18 November 2020.

1 Haziran 2020

Our firm is the solution partner and the representative of CIEL et TERRE in Turkey.

8 March 2020

Floating Solar Power Plant Installation in Turkey

The Regulation Amending the Electricity Market Licensing Regulation was published in the Official Gazette dated 8 March 2020 and numbered 31062. The Amending Regulation mainly deals with the licensing procedure for hybrid power plants and hybrid renewable power plants, which generate electricity by way of combining two or more different types of energy resources (“Hybrid Plants”).

14 February 2020

(Pazar – Ardeşen) Div. – Çamlıhemşin – Ayder Provincial Road

The contract for “(Pazar – Ardeşen) Div. – Çamlıhemşin – Ayder Provincial Road” was signed with General Directorate of Highways (Turkey) on 14 February 2020.

03 October 2019

Eğirdir – Sütçüler Road Project

The contract for “Eğirdir – Sütçüler Road Survey, Design and Engineering Services” was signed with General Directorate of Highways (Turkey) on 3 October 2019.

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