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PETEK PROJE Engineering Consultancy Inc. was established in 1997 in Ankara. Since its establishment, PETEK PROJE has carried out projects regarding transportation and water structures.

PETEK PROJE’s fields of specialisation includes Dams and Ponds; Highways and Motorways; Tunnels and Bridges; Irrigation and Sewage; Energy Production Facilities. Planning, Design and Consultancy Services for the above mentioned are provided by expert and specialised technical and administrative staff within the company.

PETEK PROJE is an active member of IMO, TurkMMMB, FIDIC, EFCA, FCIC and today the firm ranks among the most reputable engineering companies of its region. The precision in determining the most suitable solution, the accuracy in the implementation projects regarding detail drawings, the technical expertise acquired from both national and international projects ensure PETEK PROJE to succeed in the undertaken projects.

As PETEK PROJE family, our goals are to provide contemporary and innovative design, engineering and consultancy services and to carry on being one of the most significant engineering companies in today’s globalised competitive business world. While carrying out these goals, it is our first and foremost duty to conserve the principles of honesty and consistent work within engineering awareness.

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Dams and Ponds Highways and Motorways Tunnels and Bridges Irrigation and Drainage Energy Survey Services

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